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I'm Jason Morris a Creative UI/UX Designer & Motion Designer with 10+ years of professional experience, currently living and working in Manchester.

In the last few years I've been crafting solutions and collaborating with brands such as Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, Pfizer & many more.

Personal Info

  • Jason Morris
  • Sale, Manchester, UK
  • jmail.morris@gmail.com

What Can I Do


Work Experience

2013 - PRESENT

UI/ UX Designer - Tata Consultancy Services

My Role:

Help drive solutions with the aid of research, heuristics, design principles and usability. Setting design standards and reviewing end products created by team members.

  • Understanding business needs: Worked with stakeholders in giving them a vision of how an app would grow from conception to a user facing and functional application. This was achieved by researching, brainstorming, mocking up and prototyping.
  • Eye catching visuals A well planned user experience does not look all that good if it’s not fashioned with some good visuals. I like to work with typography, iconography, and the visual language that talks a lot to the user and enhances the whole experience.
  • Cross functional collaborationI do understand technical requirements since I do have some hands on knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script, this helps me relate to problems at even a granular level .
2011 - 2013

Visual/ Motion Designer - Delphian Logic

My Role:

Was responsible of a small team of graphic designers and testers. Worked with infographics and visuals to create user Interfaces and video animations.

  • Iconography and UI design: Worked with graphic design tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop to create great looking User Interfaces and icons. These acted as the foundation for other artists to build up and base their designs on.
  • Multimedia and motion design: Working with clients to understand their needs and then get back to my moodboard to work with animations for e-commercials or edumercials. A lot of this effort was appreciated with comments by clients on the quality of work.
  • Team coordination: Worked with other team members such as Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers and the Tech team to gather ideas and come up with new solutions and possibilities.
2007 - 2011

Graphic Designer - Indecomm Global

My Role:

Worked with graphic design tools to create illustrations and multimedia.

  • Multimedia: Worked on animation software to edit sound effects as well as create animations with voice overs for e-learning modules.
  • Digital art and presentation: Worked with a larger team of like minded artists to create courseware and assets like infographics, flyers, icons and logos with specific requirements.
  • Storyboarding: Worked with Instructional designs on the storyboard for the elearning courseware and prepared detailed scenarios in the form of visual sketches to be followed while working on the design software.

Professional Education


Certified Usability Analyst - HFI

Human Factors International (HFI) is the global leader in user experience (UX) design.
User experience (UX) practitioners with the CUA title from Human Factors International (HFI) have a reputation of being professional, dedicated to UX and armed with the latest industry knowledge and best practices.


Core Java - Seed Infotech

With a focus on programming and OOP concepts, this course is designed for techniques which involve student-centric learning. The techniques include collaborative learning and Synergogy with lot of emphasis on “Doing more” than explaining in a conventional teaching manner.


Advanced 2d & 3d animation - RCMS

Learned the basics of motion with walk cycles and animation sequences for 2d animation. Modelling and rigging techniques taught helped understand and work with 3d models.


2002 - 2004

Msters degree - Arts

An MA or Master of Arts is typically a two-year post graduate degree in a focused field of study within the humanities or social sciences.

1999 - 2002

Bachelors degree - Science

Typically a 3 year course. A full complement of basic courses in biology, and chemistry is required in addition to botany courses.

Development Skills

Design Tools

Work Process


"Jason is passionate about his work and a conscientious worker with an eye for detail. I enjoyed working with him and sharing ideas, he is a team player and is surely an asset to the team. Jason has a highly developed knowledge of UX Design and its methodologies. Jason likes sketching too and his desk is often scattered with sketches."

Joao Lammoglia Interaction Designer and UX Researcher - Philips

"Jason has a good level of ability across a range of design disciplines, making him a very versatile designer. Primarily at Barclays, he is utilised for his skills in user experience, but he is more than capable in other skillsets such as UI design and user research. During our time working together the area that he improved the most, was his ability to articulate design and explain the thought processes behind the decisions he had made. This gave him a wonderful confidence in his own design work and allowed him to challenge stakeholder feedback where necessary. "

Ben Smith Lead UX & UI Designer - Barclays

"I have worked with Jason for couple of years. He has excellent UX skills. For any critical job, i always selected him as my first choice."

Anil Kaushik Associate Director - Cognizant

"When our UI designer left our team, we were not sure we would be able to bridge the gap. Jason joined the team and brought our portal simulations up to speed in no time! He also provided professional grade UI & HCI insights that led to future nonfunctional enhancements and increased user adoption over every release. I also enjoyed our conversations and would like to work with you again sometime Jason."

Joshua Smith IT Manager - Allegheny County -DHS

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